College vision

The college is looking forward to be perfect through the continuous communication, the perfectness in knowledge and solidness in the administrative cadre. Working within the boundaries of ethical, cultural and social boundaries that prevail the country. Working according to the rules of overall quality management to achieve sustainability and the objectives of 21 millennium.

College Mission

1.To be distinguished in serving the community through excellent, scientific physical research.

 2.Providing students with needed knowledge to serve the community.

3.The improvement of curriculums and the continuous update in the light of overall quality management.

4.Achieving excellency in university teaching and scientific research on the international and local levels.

 5.Development of scientific , research and administrative resources in the university.

College values

1.Preparing well qualified cadres.

2.Preparing scientific cadre prepared physically to work in government institution.

3.Taking care of the athletes and champions in all sport fields. .

4.Working on improving the movement of sport for all people with cooperation of the related parties.

5.Participation in educating the athletes in a way that makes them a model in their love for their country