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Speech of the dean of the college

Infinite praise to God and prayers and peace be upon His Messenger ' the chosen one ' who is sent for people as a guidance and mercy and peace and mercy be upon his households and friends  ......Read more

About the college

College of physical education in Babylon university was founded in 1993 in the city of Babylon. The college started to climb the stairs of creativity with confidence and engraved its name between the names of the old-age colleges in Iraq. First batch was graduated in 1997 who had a bachelor degree and this prepared the college for the openness of after graduates studies with an unremitting efforts. First master batch graduated in 1999 with scientific efforts that attracted professors from all Iraqi universities. In the year 2002 PhD study was started to spread the name of the college even more

College branches:

The College of Physical Education is divided into three branchs:

  • 1-Theoretical Sciences Branch
  • 2-team games Branch
  • 3-Individual games Branch

Subjects taught in the graduate master's and doctorate of public and private branches